Thursday, November 03, 2011

EMPS: Happy Halloween Hangover

For Ellipsis Monday Photo Shoot #148: Sweet Halloween Greetings, Carly wants to see a greeting that depicts Halloween treats. I think it's time we celebrate the days after Halloween, when we have all that leftover candy, and Halloween decorations to clean up. Yes, it's time for Halloween Hangover Days!

We had 22 bags left Halloween night, out of 80. John dug into some of the leftovers for Snickers bars. I had one Starburst fruit chew (not one mini-package, but one chew) on the 30th, one mini-Snickers on the 31st and one mini Almond Joy (10 grams of carbs) on the 1st. That was it for me for candy this year, at least until Christmas. I shouldn't have had that much. The rest went to the work room at the Church office, and I ate a limited quantity of grapes that day instead of more candy.

Either a wind came up overnight or a mischievous ghost went around and knocked down our tombstones, and even my raven, who had been perched on the roof of our old New Yorker. But I got it all packed up tonight, ready for next year.



Leovi said...

I love a really terrific photos.

Jama said...

I love all your Halloween decorations, here I don't see much decorations unless at the stores. Trick and treat are mostly confined to the American expatriate home, but dressing up and having fun at night are quiet happening here. A museum, malls, pubs, restaurants...organised a scary Halloween night for patrons , which I rather miss out than getting scared out of my mind. lol