Friday, September 09, 2011

Round Robin: Did I Cause This "Shades of Grey" Day?

It's the tail end of the Arizona monsoon, Tucson's summer rainy season. I hate to complain about too little rain when elsewhere in the country houses and bridges have washed away from too much of it; but the fact is that we didn't get much rain over our house this summer. There's been a bit of thunder and the occasional ten minute storm, but not much more than that. And now we're at the time of the year for even that to end.

Nevertheless, inspired by a cloudy sky, I set this week's Round Robin Photo Challenges topic as "Shades of Grey." Frankly, after that, including this morning, the weather around here started to clear up. Then, around 5 PM, which is usually when our storms start, if at all, I heard thunder. It was as if the sky was offering to help me with the grayish shots I needed. A little later, after it actually started raining, I got the following photos:

There's just a touch of sunset here, but mostly it was all just grey and dramatic.

One thing I like about this photos is that it's 100% in shades of grey, even the tree and the bit of roof. Yet it's a color photo, completely unedited except to resize and sharpen.

Just a bit of a skyscape, this one, again unedited except to resize and sharpen.

I did reduce this one to grayscale, but you're not missing much.

Now let's see what shades of gray the other Robins captured!

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Gattina said...

How nice ! I didn't think of grey skies, although we have them nearly the whole year long !