Sunday, June 19, 2011

EMPS: Critters in the Garden

For the Ellipsis Monday Photo Shoot that ends right this minute, Carly wants to see garden creatures. Well, I saw a katydid or cicada in my den, and chased a lizard under a dumpster at church, but the only critters I actually caught on camera in my garden this week were these two!

And at Easter, a very different creature approached a garden at St. Michael's, looking for eggs:

But if I hunt through my archives for creatures of gardens past, what will I find? Well, when I think of critters in a garden, I always think of this guy, caught in the act of eating the garden at the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum last summer:

I'm shown him to you before, but not this particular shot. And, from the same day, there's this woodpecker:

Best I can do!


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