Sunday, April 17, 2011

EMPS: Where the Birds Live

For EMPS: Birds, I could have gone with archive shots, but instead I took a few minutes to stop at Reid Park, site of many happy rambles with my dogs. I didn't have time to go get Cayenne and Pepper today, so it was just me and my friend Kevin. And the birds of course!

From Birds of Reid Park
I just added a slew of pics to this and I've having trouble weeding out the less-good ones. You see, there are so many kinds of birds at Reid Park. Here, for example, are two cormorants, a couple of ducks and a coot. Cormorants are ocean birds, but these two don't seem to mind this desert oasis.

A flock of doves takes wing.

The line-up: Black-crowned Night Herons hang out.

A mature night heron looking especially handsome.

He's just a Mallard, but I was impressed with how close he let me get. Of course, that's because Cayenne wasn't with me!

Great-tailed grackles and an immature heron.

Doves. Or pigeons, if you prefer.


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