Saturday, December 04, 2010

Round Robin: What Comes After

It's Round Robin time, and this one was suggested Vicki of Maraca.The topic is "Before and After," and I've chosen three things in their before and after states.

First, and probably least original to this time of year: the turkey:

What's wrong with this picture? I don't mean photographically; just look at the turkey. It's upside down! John said this was my most successful turkey ever, "in terms of the cooking. But it leaves something to be desired in the presentation!" You see, this is my before picture: not before cooking, but before John struggled to get the upside down turkey out of a roasting pan that was barely larger than the bird. Actually, the bird was taller than the pan and lid!

Afterward: Frankenbird! We didn't get it turned right side up for days, until it was half-eaten and in pieces.

Second: my disappearing TARDIS mug. I've had it for 20 years, and hardly ever used it for tea or cocoa. (I hate coffee.) But a friend asked me recently whether I needed one, so I decided to see whether my TARDIS mug was indeed, as I half-remembered, a disappearing TARDIS mug from the KUAT gift closet, and whether it still works after all these years.

After the water boils in the cup and before the resulting tea cools, the TARDIS does disappear, sort of, if you don't look too closely. On a revolving microwave turntable, I can't really see it, but when it's set down on a carton of diet cranberry soda, the mug's pale yellow pattern is evident.

After I've drunk some of the tea but before it cools completely, the top of the mug cools enough for the blue of the TARDIS to begin to materialize again.

After the mug cools to room temperature, it is in its original before-tea state, except that it needs cleaning! The TARDIS has fully rematerialized. It never gets the darker blue of the police box prop, any more than it disappears completely. But it will do!

Third and finally: the Christmas house on Calle Herculo, not far from Calle Mumble.

Before dark: the many decorations are there, but a little dreary in the December sun. The inflatable ones slump on the hard ground.

After dark, it's all quite different. The plastic, air-filled creatures extend their cheerful greetings behind a fence of brightly colored lights...

...and my neighbor's house becomes a fairyland of color, music and Christmas joy.

Now let's check out everyone else's before and afters!

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Monica said...

I was going to photograph our turkey too - this year was one of our best also. =) Hey, it's now how it was cooked, it's how it tasted and obviously yours was good! =)

I love the Christmas decorations and lights after the sun goes down.


Jama said...

Your neighbour's house is so beautifully decorated! Not many houses are decorated like this here but most shopping malls here are decked with Christmas lights. There's even a competition for best decorated mall.
I agree with Monica, it doesn't matter what it look like, as long as the taste comes out top and yours sure look so delicious that I'm salivating even after my dinner!

Kim, USA said...

Your turkey does looks yummy. And with the after turkey photo, it confirms that it's delish. Love your neighbors outdoor decoration it's gorgeous!
Before and After

Linda said...

That turkey looks so delicious! And I love the before and after of the Christmas decorations. I'm beginning my decorating this morning!

Ourhomeschool said...

Your turkey looks yummy... upside down or upside right! ;o) What a neat mug. Great take on the theme. Blessings.

Mama Zen said...

The turkey cracked me up!

Scrabblequeen said...

Nice work on the Christmas yard pics. I have a terrible time getting the lights at night to look in my photo the way that I see them live.

ellen b. said...

Fun! You covered it all. the turkey and Christmas :0)

The Brown Recluse said...

I just love Christmas and all the decorations and lights...that was a great choice!
I'd never heard of a disappearing TARDIS mug...but I think that's really cool! I would use it for hot chocolate because coffee is nothing but black bitter punishment!
We cooked a turkey this year (we usually don't ever!) We did it in one of those NuWave sure did turn out pretty, too! Looks like yours was very enjoyed!

sunflowerkat321 said...

I've cooked a turkey upside down a number of times...and it always comes out great! Nothing wrong with that presentation, it looks yummy.

That neighbors house is a bit over the top...