Sunday, March 14, 2010

EMPS: My Favorite Animals - in the Snow!

You know that my entry for Ellipsis Monday Photo Shoot #80: Animals is going to be about my dogs, don't you? Short of paying admission to the zoo, I'd be hard pressed to see much other than dogs, birds, and maybe a cat of two this weekend. And besides, Cayenne and Pepper are quite my favorite non-human animals, and I haven't done a photo set on them in a while. Tonight: Cayenne and Pepper in the snow!

As I mentioned in my previous entry, I took the dogs up Mount Lemmon on Saturday, hoping to show them some snow. Well, I found it!

The dogs haven't encountered significant snow since we got them in 2008, so I was curious to see their reaction. Neither one was phased by it. They didn't play in the snow, or sniff at it (well, it only smells like water, right?), but they didn't particularly avoid it, either. Here they are in the lightly packed snow piled up by the wall at San Pedro Vista. I had more trouble with it than they did - I kept sinking in!

Pepper was too busy looking around to make her way back down the ridge of snow with Cayenne and me, back to the parting area.

Then she had to play mountain dog, and scramble down a fairly steep bank! But it suited her, the snow. If she really is part Finnish Lapphund, as we suspect, it's the kind of weather she was bred for.



jr cline said...

You have wonderful dogs.

Suzanne R said...

Pepper surely does seem to like the snow. Both dogs are adorable, and I enjoy it when you feature them.

Jama said...

You should have bring me to see the snow, then you'll see one excited woman playing havoc with the snow! lol bear in mind that we don't have snow here, so we always got excited when seeing the snow. lol

midjin said...

agradable ver a su sitio a mis amigos, muchas gracias!

Mike said...

I'm surprised the dogs weren't a little confused by snow if they hadn't been in it before.

They look like they are having fun!