Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Weekend Assignment Result: Florinda's First

For Weekend Assignment #284: First Day, I asked to hear about your first day of, well, anything. Aside from a few general comments, our sole response was from Florinda, with a great story about a very successful first date. An excerpt follows:

...I arrived first, and settled on a bench near the mall entrance (with a book, of course) to watch for my date's arrival. I'd only seen a couple of pictures of him, but they were enough for me to recognize him in Target the day before our lunch, so I was quite sure I'd know him when I saw him. (I e-mailed him about the sighting at Target after I got home, to confirm that it was him; he said later that he thought it was a good sign that I didn't want to call off the date after that.)
Okay, folks, next week I'd like to see more participants, okay? Here's the current topic again:

Weekend Assignment: #285: Tell us about something important that you lost.
Extra Credit: Tell us about something you found.

You can handle that, right? So let's hear your Legends of the Lost and Found!*

I know I'm being really skimpy on the blogging, but I'm working all day now and having computer problems at night. I should be able to post more often soon, once I get used to working again!


*A Harry Chapin album title

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